Midaco's New CNC Machine Tool Fan for Cleaning Chips and Coolant

front view of Midaco Chip Fan for CNC Machines mounted in spindle

Regular maintenance of your CNC machine tool is essential to your shop's productivity and investment. One of the most important aspects of CNC machine maintenance is the consistent chip removal and coolant cleaning during production to avoid damage to equipment and lowered product quality. Blowing and cleaning chips and coolant is now a CONTROLLED process.

Automatically clean off your parts and fixtures UNATTENDED between machining cycles.

Midaco chip fan blowing chips and coolant in machining center

The MCB5 Midaco Fan eliminates the need to pause production for maintenance and uses your machine’s control to clean “unattended” between machining cycles while keeping the chips and coolant INSIDE the machine tool. Midaco's automated CNC chip cleaning fan frees your operator or robot from time spent on chip cleaning tasks and reduces idle time in the machining process.

Keep the chips and coolant INSIDE the machine tool. Change cleared off parts OUTSIDE the machining center on a Midaco Pallet Changer WHILE the spindle is cutting. Keep your VMC working for YOU!

Midaco Automatic Pallet changer with door open and part on pallet

The Midaco Fan is engineered to provide the best results possible when it comes to removing machined chips and coolant from your table, workpiece or fixture. This innovative machine tool chip removal fan is the perfect compliment to any Midaco Pallet Changer System on your VMC. By eliminating unnecessary idle time due to part clean up and part changeover, you will get the most out of your machining center on both big and small, short run or production jobs.

Midaco CNC Chip Cleaning Fan Features:

Midaco Chip Fan and shaft placed at chuck

  • Automated Cleaning - Installed into your toolholder and mounted in the machine spindle. Based on your geometry, simply program the Midaco Fan similar to that of a facemill.

  • Steel cylindrical mounting shank manufactured with a weldon flat, is made out of U.S. 4140 steel and is 0.75” (19.05mm) dia. Can be mounted into your collet chuck or endmill holder.

    Midaco Chip fan blowing debris and coolant in CNC machine

  • Through coolant ready to clean workpieces prior to fan use.

  • Operating Speed: 5,000 - 8,000 RPM

  • Shank with weldon flat: U.S. 4140 steel, 0.75" (19.05mm) dia.

  • Durable and abrasion resistant fan blades manufactured utilizing glass fiber reinforced nylon. Designed with an easy disassembly feature allowing quick replacement as needed.

  • Blade Length: 4.5" (114mm)

  • Dia. w/ Open Blades: 10" (254mm)

  • Dia. w/ Closed Blades: 2.7" (68.58mm)

  • Replacement blade(s) comes with spring holding pin and positioning pin preassembled. Available as a "Single Blade Kit" or a "4-Blade Kit".

Midaco CNC Chip Cleaning Fan parts


MCB5 Midaco Fan: ONLY $249.00* USD

MCBR1 Single Blade Replacement Kit: $28.50* USD

MCBR4 Four Blade Replacement Kit: $98.00* USD

*shipping not included

Midaco Fan Brochure PDF

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