Guarda i Sistemi di Cambio Pallet Automatico MIDACO in azione esposti da Haas Factory Outlet - Celada al MECSPE 2019.

Dal 1969, la Midaco Corporation si è impegnata a produrre soluzioni di qualità che aumentano la produttività nel settore della lavorazione di precisione. Ci sforziamo di essere i primi innovatori nella progettazione di sistemi di cambio pallet automatico e manuale, apriporta automatici e sistemi per tavole rotantiche si adattano ai centri di lavoro HAAS. I prodotti Midaco migliorano l'efficienza in tutti gli aspetti della produzione. Le dimensioni dei pallet vanno dai sistemi di pallet manuali a partire da 324 mm x 266 mm (12,75 "x 10,5") fino ai sistemi di cambio pallet automatici con dimensioni fino a 4826 mm x 1829 mm (190 "x 72") con 14.258 kg (32.000 libbre) di capacità di peso mantenendo una ripetibilità di + / - 0,0025 mm (0,0001 ").  La nostra priorità è mantenere in funzione il mandrino della macchina, raggiungendo l'obiettivo di una produzione sempre più rapida per ottenere più pezzi fuori dalla porta.

For MIDACO Corporation, the world-leading Chicago based manufacturer of productivity boosting pallet changing systems, MECSPE 2019 is a continuation in the company’s global expansion as it focuses on developing its presence in the European market.

MIDACO is excited to show their pallet changers at MECSPE, held at the Parma Fairground in Parma Italy March 28-30, 2019 displayed by HAAS Factory Outlet – Celada SRL.

Since 1969 Midaco has gained a large and growing customer base in the USA and in recent years has been expanding to Europe to meet demand for the latest models of its manual and automatic pallet changers.

Midaco pallet changer shown on Haas VMC

The principal behind a MIDACO pallet-changer couldn’t be simpler. Instead of stopping a machine to load and unload parts, MIDACO systems provide an accurate and reliable means of loading or unloading one pallet while another is being machined. “It’s not a new concept", says Midaco's President, Mike Cayley, Sr., "but it’s still surprising how many companies continue to waste valuable machining time. We’ve saved some customers tens of thousands of Dollars."

Midaco Pallet Changer shown on HAAS with CE door open

Cayley explains that to stay in business, manufacturers in high-cost countries need to machine smarter than their counterparts. In a globalized industry – one where we’re not just competing locally, but with anyone, anywhere who can afford to buy and run a CNC machine tool – it’s about staying one step ahead, he says.

Successful manufacturers will be the ones who learn to find time and cost savings in every aspect of their operations.

Midaco Pallet shown moved inside Haas VMC

“We’ve designed and built a range of products which will not only appeal to cost-conscious business leaders,” explains Cayley, “but will also appeal to manufacturing managers looking for productivity enhancements that don’t compromise on quality.

“Increasingly in the future, successful manufacturers will be the ones who learn to find time and cost savings in every aspect of their operations. We’re confident that MIDACO pallet changers will prove to be as popular in Europe as they are in the USA.”

Midaco gold and blue 50th anniversary emblem

Midaco Corporation has been committed to manufacturing quality solutions which increase productivity in the precision machining industry for over 50 years. We strive to be a premier innovator in the designing of Automatic and Manual Pallet Changer Systems, Automatic Door Openers and Trunnion Systems which fit any make and model Machining Center. Pallet sizes range from Manual Pallet systems starting at 324mm x 266mm (12.75” x 10.5”) through Automatic Pallet Systems up to 4826mm x 1829mm (190” x 72”) with 14,258kg (32,000lb) weight capacity while maintaining a repeatability of +/-  0.0025mm (0.0001”). Our priority is to keep our your machine spindle running, achieving your goal of greater and quicker production to get more parts out the door. 

Visit MIDACO at WWW.MIDACO-CORP.COM. Contact your local authorized VMC distributor or MIDACO at 001.847.593.8420 or email for complete information.