For MIDACO Corporation, a world-leading Chicago based manufacturer of productivity boosting pallet changing systems, EMO 2017 is a continuation in the company’s global expansion as it focuses on developing its presence in the European markets.

Already with a large and growing customer base in the USA, MIDACO is expanding to meet demand for the latest models of its manual and automatic pallet changers. According to company CEO Mike Cayley Sr, part of the reason for this recent increase in demand is the growing trend for OEM’s to source more of their precision-machined parts from low-cost regions such as the Far East. European industry has been hit particularly hard, claims Cayley, as more and more companies look overseas to keep manufacturing costs down.

“The pressure is on machine shops in the western world to find faster, lower cost ways of achieving greater output and reliable high-quality without incurring disproportionately higher costs,” he says. “By investing in a MIDACO pallet changer, many of our customers in the US have retained work and prevented it from being outsourced to low-cost countries.”

The principal behind a MIDACO pallet-changer couldn’t be simpler. Instead of stopping a machine to load and unload parts, MIDACO systems provide an accurate and reliable a means of loading or unloading one pallet whilst another is being machined. “It’s not a new concept, says Cayley, but it’s still surprising how many companies continue to waste valuable machining time. We’ve saved some customers tens of thousands of Dollars. Not just in machine time, but also because we’ve saved them from having to buy additional machines – and hire extra personnel - to achieve the desired output.”

Cayley explains that to stay in business, manufacturers in high-cost countries need to machine smarter than their Chinese or Indian counterparts. In a globalized industry – one where we’re not just competing locally, but with anyone, anywhere who can afford to buy and run a CNC machine tool – it’s about staying one step ahead, he says.

“We’ve designed and built a range of products which will not only appeal to cost-conscious business leaders,” explains Cayley, “but will also appeal to manufacturing managers looking for productivity enhancements that don’t compromise on quality.

“Increasingly in the future, successful manufacturers will be the ones who learn to find time and cost savings in every aspect of their operations. We’re confident that MIDACO pallet changers will prove to be as popular in Europe as they are in the USA.”

Visit MIDACO at WWW.MIDACO-CORP.COM to see how to keep your spindle running! Contact your local authorized VMC distributor or MIDACO at 847.593.8420 or email for complete information. See the pallet changer at EMO 2017 in Hannover Germany, Hall 27, Stand F09, September 18-23, 2017.

MIDACO Corporation is a manufacturer of Automatic and manual pallet changers for CNC machining centers, machine tool accessories and safety products for bench and pedestal grinders. MIDACO products are designed to save manufacturing time, increase output, and make manufacturing companies more profitable and competitive. Since MIDACO was established it has worked with all the major machine tool manufacturers and installed many hundreds of pallet changers around the world.