We are a job shop in Kent, Washington, with 9 Mori Seiki Machines. Being in business for over 30 years producing parts for the aerospace, computer, medical and commercial industries, productivity and reliable turnaround are critical to our business. Eight years ago we needed to increase our production. We were running a part on our Mori Seiki SV-503 and were producing 12 parts per hour with a change over time of approximately 22 minutes. By adding a Midaco pallet changer to our Mori the change over time dropped down to 14 seconds. With the Midaco pallet changer the changeover is done offline while the machine is still running.

The installation took only a few hours and it increased production on that machine by up to 200%. After installing the Midaco we are able to run one 10-hour shift to get the same production as when we were running three 24-hour shifts without a pallet changer. After eight years we are still running our pallet changer every day.

The Midaco Pallet Changer has been reliable and trouble free. When an issue arises we are able to call tech support and are usually back up and running after we hang up the phone, limiting our down time to a few minutes rather than a few hours or days. We chose Midaco for the same reason we chose to run only Mori Seiki machines, reliability.

I welcome any questions about how Mori Seiki Machines and Midaco Pallet Changers have benefited my business.

- Steve Schumacher, President

Associated Machine and Fab, Inc.

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