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Imagine the impact to your bottom line if you could decrease downtime between loads and minimize setup time. How much time could be saved in a week? A month? A year? Since 1969, MIDACO has been the world leader in time-saving manufacturing solutions. Our automatic pallet changers and CNC add-on can maximize the output of your CNC machine—no matter where in the world it was manufactured.

Our pallet changers meet all international standards and can be integrated with existing or new equipment. No matter what kind of machining center you have, we have a time-saving solution. We’ve helped businesses around the world improve quality and increase productivity, and we can do the same for you.

Machining Center Pallet Changers in Spain

Our international pallet changer boasts a number of features that make it user-friendly and simple to integrate into your processes. Your Spain manufacturing facility will enjoy a more productive, safer workplace when you invest in a CE pallet changer. Advantages include:

  • Heavy/large workpieces easily loaded outside the machine
  • Increased machine and operator productivity
  • Dual air blast at each contact pad
  • Equipped with Mitsubishi controls
  • Jobs can easily be interrupted for emergency
  • Pallets easily interchanges between machines or departments
  • Exchange pallet in seconds with a +/- .0001’ (.0025 mm) repeatability

Contact MIDACO to learn more about how an automatic pallet changer could revolutionize your France machining center. Give our experts a call today or fill out our quick online contact form.