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Industrial Robot Access Door for Part Loading and Unloading on Any Enclosed CNC Machine Tool

Industrial Robot Cobot Access Door in open position on the side panel of a on Haas VMC in a machine shop

MIDACO Industrial Robot Access Doors provide just the right solution for machine shops that require a specialized production set-up with unconventional access to their machine tools. MIDACO can design and install an access door on CNC machining centers, VTL's, grinders and virtually any enclosed machine.

The Robot Access Door System is intended to be interfaced with the robot's cell by your integrator.
Operated by a pneumatic cylinder requiring standard shop air supply at 95-120 psi. 

Midaco Robot Access Door on HAAS UMC

Ideal for Robot/Cobot Part Loading Jobs

This pneumatic door system allows access for industrial robots and cobots to assist in part loading and unloading without obstructing the front doors of the CNC machine tool. Ideal for applications with machining centers positioned side by side and a robot handling parts between multiple machines.  

Sequence of 4 images showing a robot arm loading parts between 2 CNC machining centers through Midaco Robot Cobot Access Doors on the side panels

Midaco Robot Access Doors on VMC positioned for one robot to access

Robot Access Door Can Be Installed on Side or Top of CNC Machine Tool

Midaco Industrial Robot Cobot CNC Access Door for Part Loading Unloading on VMC
The Industrial Robot Access Door is available in a variety of sizes to fit the side panel of any enclosed machine tool or can be designed as a top panel "sunroof" for applications with overhead gantry loading.

Industrial Robot Access Doors are a custom application per machine. Designs are determined after a review by MIDACO engineering.

Midaco Industrial Robot Cobot CNC Access Door mounted on top panel of Doosan Turning Center in machine shop