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When it comes to your machining center’s productivity, every detail matters—and even a delay of a few seconds can lead to significant losses that affect your company’s bottom line. That’s why businesses around the world have purchased MIDACO’s double auto door systems for their vertical machining centers, turning centers, robotic applications, and other machinery. 

With a double automatic door, CNC and VMC operators can save precious floor time and reduce repetitive manual labor that leads to lost profit. Our machine tool door opener systems are a one-time investment that pays off in time saved.

Dual AutoDoor for VMC, CNC, and Other Machining Facilities

Not only does a CNC autodoor save time in production, but it also improves ergonomics by eliminating manual door opening tasks. Our double automatic door systems use air cylinders to operate the door by using either a manual push button or an automatic “Smart System” that is interfaced with the machine’s or robot's control.

Depending on your machining center’s build and requirements, we offer a variety of VMC and CNC autodoor systems.

CNC Automatic Double Door System Options

For added workplace safety, each CNC and vertical machining center double autodoor system is furnished with a door-mounted safety stop that will quickly exhaust air if any obstruction is encountered during door closure. Whether in manual or automatic mode, any “Open Door” commands are also ignored if the spindle or chuck is running.*

With a MIDACO double auto door, CNC and VMC facilities can achieve greater productivity without added manual labor or a huge investment into new equipment. Our double AutoDoor System is an important step in automating your machinery to get more parts out the door.

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