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Midaco Y-Axis Shift Automatic Pallet Changer on Haas VS1

Automatic Pallet Changers for Machining Centers Which Do Not Move in Y Axis.

Midaco Y-Shift Automatic pallet changer on Machining Center

Ideal for traveling column machining centers where the table does not move in Y-axis, MIDACO’s Y-Axis Shift Automatic Pallet Changer is mounted on one side of your Vertical Machining Center (VMC) and is fully integrated with the CNC using 2 M-functions. 

Pallet sizes range from 30" x 16" (762mm x 406.4mm) up to 150" x 50" (3810mm x 1270mm) with up to 8000 lb (3632 kg) weight capacity (weight must be evenly distributed on pallet).

While one of the two pallets is being milled inside the VMC, the other can be prepared by the machine operator—reducing idle time and maximizing productivity. Once the machining is finished, the pallet changer switches the pallets automatically with +/-0.0001" (0.0025mm) repeatability. 

When pallet "A" comes out of the machine, the shuttle shifts pallet "A" along the Y-axis and moves "B" into position. The shuttle then sends pallet "B" into the machine. This operation is reversed for the next pallet change.

Midaco Y axis Pallet Changer mounted on machining center showing 3 stages of aluminum pallet transfer with "A"  "B" labeled pallets an blue arrows indicating movement

Midaco Y-Axis Shift Automatic Pallet Changer showing CE Light Curtain beams indicated in yellow

Optional Light Curtain

All models of the Y-Axis Shift Automatic Pallet Changer System are available with a Light Curtain package. With 3-sided guarding via a light emitter, mirrors and sensors, a pallet change will not occur if the invisible light beams surrounding the shuttle system are breached. 

Benefits of MIDACO’s Y-Axis Shift Auto Pallet Changer include:

  • Heavy/Large workpieces easily loaded outside the machine
  • Increased operator, machine, and overall center productivity
  • Reduce set-up time on repeat jobs by dedicating tooling onto pallets
  • Minimized spindle downtime for continuous operation levels
  • Improved process and cost efficiency for your machining center

To survive in the competitive world today, a machining center must be able to operate at top capacity without any wasted time or labor. At MIDACO, we’ve specialized in productivity-maximizing manufacturing solutions since 1969—and our Y-Axis Shift Automatic Pallet Changers are just one of the innovations designed to boost your company’s bottom line and contribute to sustainable profit and growth.

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