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Automatic Multi Pallet Changer 15% off list price through June 30, 2019!
Midaco Automatic Multi Pallet Changer

MIDACO Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer System for 5-Axis Machining Center

15%* off through June 30th

This Automatic servo driven 19 pallet system designed for both 5-Axis and standard Vertical machining centers can provide hours of unattended lights-out operation.

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Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer System features:

  • 1 - Cast Iron Receiver Base, 75 lb. (34 kg) capacity (with weight evenly distributed).
  • 19 ea. - 10” dia. x 1.24" thick (254mm x 31.5mm) Cast Aluminum Pallets.
  • 1 - AMPC Shuttle with 19 Stations.
  • Hardened and ground locating pins assure +/- 0.0001" (0.0025mm) repeatability.
  • Pallet changer integrates with the machine by using M-functions.
  • Full CE safety door enclosure.

*(regularly $149,900.00) Discount price does not include, taxes, installation or shipping. Current 15% OFF offer only applies to the AMPC and does not apply to other Pallet Changer Systems in the Midaco product line.

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