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Since 1969, manufacturers around the globe have looked to MIDACO to provide the innovative, time-saving solutions that help them reach their peak productivity. With an automatic pallet changer, your operators can spend less time waiting and more time loading and unloading pallets, setting up new jobs, and inspecting parts – effectively increasing the productivity of both your machines and operators, as well as improving your quality control.

You rely on your DOOSAN machine tools for longevity and precision, and that is why our pallet changers are designed to work smoothly with your machines. Easily integrated with any new or existing DOOSAN CNC machines, an automatic pallet changer offers state-of-the-art precision with a .0001” (.0025 mm) repeatability.

DOOSAN Machining Center Pallet Changer

All of our pallet systems are designed to be user-friendly and can easily be assimilated into your production process seamlessly. They are also quality control tested with over 250,000 pallet changes before being brought to market, so you can guarantee your investment will offer great return for many years to come. Some of the other advantages of choosing our pallet changer for your DOOSAN machine tools include:

  • PLC is fully integrated with CNC machine by using two M-Functions
  • Programmable accelerations and deceleration according to the weight to optimize performance
  • MIDACO’s electric Servo Drive provides proven reliability
  • Patented “Dual Air Blast” blows air up through and across contact pads for chip removal
  • Precision ground steel rails include hardened and ground bushings for accuracy and durability
  • Standard plain cast aluminum pallets offer extreme versatility

Look to MIDACO for the automatic pallet changer that will boost the productivity of your DOOSAN CNC machines – contact us today!