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Item# M216RPC
$6,500.00 USD
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Manual Rotary Pallet Changer in Vertical Machining Center milling a part

Midaco's Manual Rotary Pallet Changer (MRPC) Brings Greater Productivity to All Types of Machining Centers

Are you getting the most out of your existing machining center? Today’s marketplace is pushing precision manufacturing companies to run smaller lot sizes more frequently. These short run jobs cause significant spindle downtime due to part change over and job set up. When combined with first article inspection and emergency job interruption downtime, the average machine tool spindle can be idle up to 70% of the time operating at only 30% efficiency.  

Midaco Manual Rotary Pallet Changer on Rotary Indexer

Midaco Manual Rotary Pallet Changer in Turning CenterThe MRPC easily adapts to any VMC, HMC, 4-axis, 5-axis, Rotary Tables, Turning Centers, and is ideal for CMM and EDM processes. The operator can transfer between multiple machines and/or departments with +/- .0001” (.0025mm) repeatability.

"We have had a lot of success using these rotary fixtures. They allow us to have multiple jobs programmed in the machines at the same time while reducing setup. It also allows us to standardize across a number of machines, making it easier to move jobs where necessary. The repeatability allows us to use duplicate fixtures and have the loading and unloading of parts performed outside of the machine while the alternate fixture is running in the machine." - Joseph Easter, Kel-Tec, Cocoa FL

Manually change pallets in seconds with the easy flip handle precisely locking the 8" dia round aluminum pallet into a cast iron receiver mounted directly on the VMC table, Rotary Indexer or Trunnion. Its low-profile receiver does not require air supply on this low-cost system.

Attack spindle downtime by speeding up part change over on existing machinery.

Adding a Manual Rotary Pallet Changer to their machining process allows companies to attack spindle downtime by speeding up part change over on existing machinery. By focusing on lean manufacturing and efficiency a shop will increase their machining center throughput benefiting their bottom line profits as well as adding value for the customer.

MRPC Features:

  • Load/Unload Offline - Change parts, set-up, clean chips and inspect offline while alternate pallet is in machine.
  • Jobs Easily Interrupted - Quickly change pallets to run an “EMERGENCY” job with no tear down costs.
  • Greater Productivity - Increases spindle up-time. Improves machine output.
  • Eliminate Downtime - First article inspection done offline while alternate job is in machine.
  • Quick Change - Switch pallets in 15 seconds. Easy to flip handle locks down pallet.
  • Offers Quick Payback - Machine more parts in less time. 
  • Repeatability Accuracy is +/- .0001” (.0025mm).
  • Easily Transfer from machine tool to inspection.
  • NO Air or Hydraulics Required.

8 inch round aluminum manual rotary pallet changer on 4 axis rotary indexer and trunnion

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